Spirulina Beauty Care

Premium Spirulina Modeling Mask Powder Review


This is a solution for customers in dire need of an improved skin tone, more skin elasticity and general skin nutrition. Premium Spirulina has a vast range of properties which enables it to effectively fulfill its purpose to the skin and this includes: A high content of necessary vitamins and minerals which adequately help nourish…

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Top Benefits of Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo


| rating 4/5 | Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo is a product that provides you with a healthy looking set of hair. It contains an Ascophyllum Nudosum extract which adds softness as well as luster and elasticity to your hair. The sea silk extract nourishes the scalp and hair back to health. These all natural…

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Seven Seas Serum and Mask Combo With Spirulina


– Seven Seas Serum and Mask Combo is the new product for revival of the skin. Seven Seas Serum is a product that provides enhances transformation of the skin. It consists of proteins, Anti-Aging Peptides and amino acids that combine to rejuvenate the skin through removal of dull skin cells. The Caviar in Seven Seas…

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Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream With Spirulina


I have been using Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream and I love it. I apply this cream daily and the difference is amazing. My breasts are smoother, firmer and more youthful than ever. As an older woman I noticed the firming happened rather quickly and the smoothing even faster!  My husband noticed immediately. This cream has…

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Kerstin Florian Rejuvenating Spirulina Mask Product Review

Kerstin Florian Rejuvenating Spirulina Mask

– I recently used Kerstin Florian Rejuvenating Mask and I love it. Over the years I have used many different face masks, but this one is by far the best. What does it do? It does about the same things that other masks say they do, but this one actually does it and well. The…

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Sisleya Anti-Aging Concentrate With Spirulina Firming Body Care 150ml/5.2oz


- Sisleya is an exceptional product. Many of us are concerned about our skin care and we want the best. Sisleya is an effective skin care product, filled with vitamins and minerals it goes on like silk and leaves behind no residue. Sisleya is a very effective firming and anti-aging skin treatment; I am convinced…

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Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30, 1.7 oz with Spirulina Maxima


- Erno Laszlo is a firmarine moisturizer with an SPF 30. Not only will this moisturize your skin it protects it as well. What are the benefits to using this product? The benefits are many, not only will it moisturize your skin it provides sun protection year round, stimulates collagen production and helps to strengthen…

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Aqua Tica Organic Botanical Spirulina Night Cream, 2oz product review

Botanical Spirulina Night Cream

-Aqua*Tica Organic Botanic Night cream, 2oz is a great product, made of natural ingredients, to help soothe your skin at night, help reduce acne, age spots, sun damage, pigmentation, uneven skin and dryness. It feels comfortable on the face, unlike many other night creams, like light cool thick water. Aqua*Tica Organic Botanic Night cream, 2oz…

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Nature’s Beauty New Zealand Spirulina Thermal Mud Mask


New Zealand is well known for its thermal springs and mud pools which attract tourists from all parts of the world, and also a great attraction for the locals. These facilities offer visitors a soothing and therapeutic experience which many individuals travel thousands of miles to enjoy. As it may not always be possible to…

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Derma e Glycolic Facial Cleanser with spirulina


- There are a lot of people today who are having skin problems and other than that, they are having difficulties in finding the best skin care product that best suits their skin. Fortunately, there are certain skin care products that contain natural ingredients that do not just cleanse the skin but using these products…

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