Elken Spirulina – The Superfood Of The Century

Elken Spirulina is a 100% alkaline complete health food that contains all the 46 essential nutrients required by the human body.

Elken Spirulina ReviewAll of these nutrients cannot be made by the body itself but are essential for its proper functioning so the super food helps in providing the healthy nutrition. The absolutely organic sea weed is an abundant source of 5 major nutrients, which are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and 4 natural pigments, which are Beta Carotene, Chlorophyll, phycocyanin and xanthophyll. This super healthy food benefits the human body in multidimensional ways.

The Elken Spirulina Supplement
This supplement is an ultra rich source of proteins which are considered building blocks of the human body, these help in increasing muscular tissues, cell growth and cell regeneration. 60 % protein content with all the 8 essential amino acids is a boon especially for vegetarians.

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A vegetarian diet cannot supply the same amount of proteins as a non vegetarian diet. Similarly, vitamin B12 which is obtained from animal’s liver is almost 2.5 % higher in this health supplement which again contains the double percentage of proteins than soya beans. The high content of proteins also makes this health food an ideal source of nutrition for weight loss. Being highly digestible, low in fats and calories, the supplement contains Tyrosine, which suppresses hunger pangs and makes one feel full.

The Elken Spirulina Supplement is loaded with a high concentration of vitamins
Loaded with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, over 12 types of vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, chromium and selenium, the super food of the century improves the immune system substantially.

It helps the body fight free radicals and detox the system. The high content of vitamin E and C along with the nutrients effectively helps the immune system to fight against cancer and the process of cellular degeneration.

High on anti oxidants
Being high on anti oxidants like Beta Carotene, which is almost 25 times more than carrots and 40-60 times higher than spinach, the health food slows down the aging process. In addition to Beta Carotene, the anti aging effect comes from the presence of Tyrosine, vitamin E and Selenium. These nutrients also preserve cardio vascular health by improving cardiac efficiency.

pigments in Elken Spirulina Supplement
The presence of 4 pigments in Elken Spirulina helps in restoring youth by benefiting the skin tissue. Cell building factor, elasticity and oxygen storing ability with gentle cleansing is a feature with these pigments.

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The high content of GLA or Gamma Linolenic acid, which the body cannot synthesize on its own, gives protection against dehydration, UV radiation and improves the circulation of blood in the skin tissue. So, the skin keeps looking supple and younger.

For a healthier working and function, the human body needs around 80% alkaline diet and 20% acidic diet. The target can be easily achieved by Elken Spirulina which contains 100% alkaline, so it helps in neutralizing the body acidity and boosts assimilation and digestion. It also acts as brain food due to the presence of all the balanced nutrients required for maintenance and development of the brain.

Being a certified organic also implies that it is absolutely safe with no side effects. The complete health supplement is simply the best way to achieve energy and vital health. With more than 10 international awards from government and independent organizations to its credit, the superfood of the century, Elken Spirulina is an ideal supplement for all ages, especially for those who require an additional intake of nutrients such as older people, pregnant women, athletes, vegetarians and those on fasting, dietary restrictions and body detox programs.

Elken Spirulina Health Benefits

Before making any purchasing decision, the price and need cannot escape the comparison with the value by the customer. Elken Spirulina will face the same comparison through this review. What is Elken Spirulina? 

Elken Spirulina is an alkaline heath food that provides essential nutrients for the body. The product is a seaweed that can be readily digested and easily assimilated within the body. The product has a balanced content that provides protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals within the same package. Through Elken Spirulina you can also access 4 natural pigments which are Chlorophyll, Beta-Carotene, Xanthopyll, and Phycocyanin. With such contents, the supplement offers the following benefits to the consumers.

Elken Spirulina gets your body clean 

For people suffering from diseases, Elken Spirulina offers good benefits. The food can work miracles for people suffering or recovering from illness. By enhancing antioxidation through the effects of Vitamin E, calcium ascorbate, and selenium, Elken Spirulina enhances the immune system of the body preventing diseases such as cancer and controlling AIDS. The food has been proven to have real effects on controlling cancer. 

Elken Spirulina and weight control 

Research finds that 60% of Elken Spirulina is made up of proteins. Proteins are essential for cell regeneration and body growth. Instead of using fatty and cholesterol rich product such as meat and dairy products, consider Elken Spirulina. The food will offer you equal advantage that the meals can offer at low calories levels. Tyrosine, which is a compound that suppresses hunger, is contained in Elken Spirulina. Through the effects of the compound, the product controls your appetite thus reducing food intake. 

Elken Spirulina and beauty 

One of the most visible organs of the body is the skin. If you have a good skin, you will look beautiful. Elken Spirulina protects the skin making you look young and gorgeous. Through selenium, that is an important element for skin protection and antioxidant agents Elken Spirulina ensures that the skin is smooth and clear. 

Fight disease 

Iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, copper, and chromium are the minerals that you need to keep your body free from diseases. Elken Spirulina contains these nutrients. Through these nutrients, the food fights free radicals and molecules that damage the cells. Pollution, poor diet, injury, or stress may cause agents that result to diseases in the body. The minerals enhance the immunity of the body by removing the free radicals caused by the mentioned conditions. 

Controlled aging 

Nobody wants to age. Elken Spirulina offers the solution to aging. Being that the food is easy to digest, has high nutrient values and the antioxidants, your body systems will be controlled from fatigued cells. Iron is important in building systems. Good systems will maintain the cells. The food contains B-12 that is essential for healthy nerves and tissues for the body.  

Spirulina Benefits are many and relate to the common problems that people face. The ability of the food supplement to address the worries of ordinary people is purely based on the nutrient value that is all natural. Natural foods synchronize well with the body and do not leave impurities with side effects. For this reason, the Spirulina Benefits are real.

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