Spirulina Powder

Spirulina powder is a natural algae powder which is highly rich in nutrients and protein. This powder largely comprises of essential amino acids, iron and protein. It is also famed for being rich in B-12 content. Organic Spirulina is used for making a variety of healthy supplements:


Product Review For The Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

For those who don’t know, Spirulina is a natural and nutritious micro plant found in salt water. The plant is essentially aNutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Powder Review spiral-form algae and is a very rich food source. While it has always been consumed by various communities around the world as a daily diet, in modern times, Spirulina is seen to be an exotic form of dietary supplements.

It features many health benefits including boosting the immune system, improve digestion, increase endurance, acts as a detoxifier, an energy booster, and controls appetite. One of its major benefits is also its protein content which is 3-4 times higher than the same protein found in other protein heavy foods such as fish or chicken. Known as the building blocks to life, protein is needed for tissue growth and muscles.

In terms of supplements, the higher the quality of the amino acid provided by the supplement, the higher quality the protein will be. As a result, Spirulina is believed to be one of the most optimal protein supplements because it contains all 22 amino acids for protein to be produced. The added benefit is that Spirulina is a plant life and thus its proteins are more digestible, allowing the body to consume the protein without needing to break down animal products.

One of the best ways to consume Spirulina is by using Spirulina powder. These are usually dark green colored powders that are great to be included in drinks such as smoothies. Due to its naturally digestible state, Spirulina powder is known to provide instantaneous energy boost and can be a quick and easy way to boost you up between meals or serve as a meal substitute.

Spirulina powder can however be toxic and become contaminated when they are not harvested correctly (other algae may get be mixed in). Hence, relying on a good Spirulina producer is important. The Nutrek Hawaiian Spirulina powder contains 100% Spirulina and has had a perfect record in terms of quality and safety. The packet contains consumption directions and other relevant information. The company also answers questions about their product online.


Product Review For The Earth Circle Organics Spirulina Powder

Health benefits of Spirulina powder

Health benefits of Spirulina powderSpirulina powder is a medical supplement that offers valuable and far reaching health benefits. The powder is extracted from a form of cynobacteria called Spirulina . This supplement is available inform of tablets, syrups and chewable flakes that have a desirable aroma. This powder is also used in feeding aquaculture life such as fish and other marine animals.
Spirulina powder has far reaching health benefits which aid in the normal body metabolism and helps even in immune boosting. This powder offers several types of vitamins and proteins essential for the human body.

Spirulina powder helps in reducing the harmful effects of allergies and reduce allergic reactions. This powder helps to reduce the prevalence and symptoms associated with allergies to dust and even cologne allergies. These allergic responses are reduced to a great extent by this powder and thus provides allergic defense.

Spirulina powder contains several vitamins including Thiamine inform of vitamin B1, vitamin C, B and E. Presence of vitamin C and Riboflavin serves to boost the body immunity and increase resistance to disease and infections. Improved body immune system is a great add to human health.

Spirulina powder also provides a lot of minerals including calcium and sodium. Calcium helps in the development of strong bones and teeth. With strong bones diseases such as Osteoporosis are suppressed. Sodium provides boost to mental development and help maintain the normal blood pressure by providing a balance between acidic and basic ions present in the blood stream.

Spirulina powder also provides healthy proteins. These proteins help to build body cells and increase body metabolism, and end malnutrition particularly in children.

In conclusion, Spirulina powder has many heath benefits as elucidated above, this powder should be a great choice for developing countries to fight the prevalence of malnutrition and boost the health standards of citizens who live in these third world countries. Further, this powder is available at very affordable cost and can be accessed by both the affluent and the poor. This is a plus to the use of this powder.


Spirulina Powder – A Wonder of Nature

Spirulina Powder – A Wonder of NatureArthrospira platensis, commonly known as Spirulina, is a microalgae shaped as spiral of a beautiful blue-green color which is given by a combination of natural pigments – green resulting from chlorophyll, yellow and orange from carotenoids and blue from the phycocyanin. It is one of the most comprehensive sources of nutrients known, very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, which makes it so beneficial to the human body.

This “wonder of nature” can be supplied in many ways such as capsules, granules, tablets but the spirulina powder is the most practical form.

Among the most important and beneficial health effects of the spirulina powder (if the plant is regularly consumed), it is, no doubt, the weight loss. Decreasing the number of pounds is natural and along this process the body is provided with all the important vitamins, amino-acids and nutrients, but also the proteins needed.

Spirulina powder does not contain sugar and carbohydrates. This acts as a potent inhibitor of appetite and significantly reduces body weight over time. Of course, the consumption must be accompanied by a healthy natural diet, which may include green tea and other aliment that can contribute to a healthy and gradual weight decrease.

Another quality of the spirulina powder is to correct anemia in malnourished children. It is also very effective against melanosis and keratosis due to chronic arsenic poisoning.

Some other beneficial effects of the spirulina powder:

  • Strengthens the immune system. It can destroy a wide range of viruses and bacteria, such as herpes simplex, rubella, measles and cytomegalovirus.
  • Protects against hay fever and reduces inflammation triggered by arthritis.
  • Helps reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, improving cardiovascular health because it is a rare source of linoleic acid (which is present in breast milk).
  • Helps alleviate problems caused by type 2 diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Has an antioxidant effect, decreasing muscle breakdown and fatigue after exercise.

Nutritionists recommend that the substance will be taken as a meal supplement, but the spirulina powder can be included in various recipes as fruit and vegetables juices. It can be added to smoothies or other raw vegan dishes and so on. The recommended daily dose can vary from 250 mg to 5 g.

Product Review For The Rainforest Foods Organic Spirulina Powder 200g

Rainforest Foods Organic Spirulina PowderRainforest Foods Organic Spirulina is produced in an organic way and naturally processed to obtain the spirulina powder. Spirulina is a stable food that has been a major component in some diets. It’s a good source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Iron, Phycocyanin and Chlorophyll. Phycocyanin and Chlorophyll are respectively rich in protein and magnesium. Spirulina powder can be mixed with water and taken as a supplement. It can also be added in some smoothies and foods to act as an excellent energy boost.

Rainforest Foods provide people with good nutrition that supports the modern lifestyles. They contain a variety of wholefoods that are processed in a way that retain nutrients, making them suitable for use. The foods are organically produced to ensure that their nutrients are not affected by chemicals. The major ingredient of the Rainforest Foods is the organic spirulina powder.

Rainforest Foods Organic Spirulina Powder 200g is certified by the UK’s Soil Association body and The Vegan Society. The product packaging has a Soil Association logo and EU leaf symbol that is a guarantee to customer when purchasing the organic product. For every product pack sold, some funds are donated to Rainforest Concern to help expand the growing reserves of the foods.


Product Review For The Virgin Extracts (TM) Pure Premium Raw Organic Spirulina Powder

Virgin Extracts (TM) Pure Premium Raw Organic Spirulina Powder is a powerful supplement that helps you maintainRaw Organic Spirulina Powder good health overall. It protects individuals from oxidative stress and has also been shown to boost immune system of users.

Health Benefits of this supplement

• According to scientific studies, this supplement could be beneficial to immune system, brain, heart and much more.
• It can act as an oxidant, help in weight loss and even check cholesterol levels.
• It also has the capability of regulating alkaline pH balance in the body
• There are a lot more important nutrients that are contained in Virgin Extracts (TM) Pure Premium Raw Organic Spirulina Powder, some of which include beta-carotene, B complex vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, and manganese and gamma linolenic acid.
• It is a vegetable that has more iron compared to beef, more protein compared to soy and more vitamins compared to carrots.
• Low in fat naturally, spirulina is also the source of a very uncommon fatty acid GLA.

This ultra concentrated Organic Sprirulina powder is devoid of any additives or fillers. If you are looking for the most potent type of Spirulina in the market, then you only need to try the raw Organic type.

Azteca Spirulina Powder Review

Azteca Spirulina Powder ReviewAzteca Spirulina Powder is a nutritional supplement that provides humans with energy and strength. It is well packed with minerals, vitamins, trace elements, polytonutrients, antioxidants and chlorophyll. The powder contains 50% protein that cannot cause osteoporosis and that has no negative effects on kidney. Since the whole food is made from plant products, all its minerals are non toxic.

Azteca Spirulina Powder has many benefits, including promotion of kidney functions, regulation of blood sugar and development of immune system of the body. It is good for cleaning and nourishment of blood. It contains a high percentage of TruGanic, a pure organic plant product that is processed without inclusion of agents and additives.

Azteca Spirulina Powder is an excellent smoothie for breakfast and an energy boost for late afternoons. It can be eaten together with fresh organic powders of chia and flax seeds. It can also be guzzled down after mixing with water or a fruit juice. It can make the best alternative to tea, coffee and other morning drinks. The powder can be taken twice a day to provide the energy needed throughout the day.

Azteca Spirulina Powder is an affordable high quality food supplement. The product dimensions are 4.0*4.0*7.0 inches and weighs 500 grams.


Product Review For The Ojio Raw Organic Spirulina Powder

Ojio Raw Organic Spirulina PowderOjio Spirulina Powder is 100% certified organic, and packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. This is a raw food product with numerous health benefits and is an excellent source of iron.

Product description

Spirulina (Speer-U-lee-nah) this name is because of its microscopic and spiral shape, this one-celled alga has an ability to endure harsh conditions compared. This alga grows naturally in an alkaline, hot environment; also, it can survive in areas where no other organisms are able to survive. In fact, it gets stronger and grows in temperatures over 160 degrees F.

The ultimate super food

Ojio Spirulina powder certified organic sourced from the world leader in micro algal technology for over the last 3 decades. This is a whole- food product, not a concentrate, nor an extract. Spirulina can be classified as the ultimate super food; because it has 58 times iron obtained from raw spinach and 28 times that obtained from raw beef liver.

Some,possible benefits of this product

As research is still ongoing, the possible health benefits of this organic Ojio Spirulina powder include:

· A complete source of food

· This product has all the 9 essential amino acids

· H High in fiber

· This product is rich in vitamin B12

· Very helpful to the immune system

· Has 300% more calcium as compared to whole milk

Truly organic

This product is organic, with the heavy metal contamination in Spirulina, with most organic Spirulina products available in the market the Ojio Spirulina powder is 100% organic and is not contaminated in any way.


Product Review For The Organic Green Superfood spirulina Powder

Organic green superfood spirulina powder is simply a synergistic mix of potent and concentrated plant foods that are green vegetables. They are naturally packed with various nutrients that encourages optimum health in your body. It’s an absolute green supplement that is packed with all vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Your body desperately needs them which are provided by superfood spirulina that contains vegetable proteins, barley grass that is naturally rich in potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, enzymes and also chlorophyll.



The Ingredients contained in this supplement provide antioxidants which are very important for your overall health. They help to alkalize, to energize as well as nourishing your body cells. They also balance your body’s PH levels. This supplement is specially formulated to aid your body to convert its energy reserves for use and also can stimulate and improve vitality.



Why should you make use of this supplement?


Your body cells are provided with the food they require by this combination of the dark leafy vegetables. Your cells are therefore properly fed which increases your energy resulting to a healthy life. This supplement may also provide you with other benefits like increased stamina, improved digestion, weight loss and also reduced food cravings. For a healthy life, always make use Organic Green Superfood spirulina Powder.


Product Review For The Earthrise Spirulina Powder

Earthrise Spirulina Natural PowderEarthrise Spirulina Powder is a natural extract of the blue-green algae Spirulina. It is a cyanobacterium that can be safely consumed by humans for its well known health benefits. It is rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is cultivated worldwide and is used as a whole food supplement. The many advantages of supplementing with Earthrise Spirulina Powder include antioxidant support, promotion of cardiovascular and immune system health, and the possible prevention of some illnesses and conditions. Since it is a well known superfood, many studies also indicate that consistent supplementation with Spirulina can help with memory problems, awareness, and other nervous system ailments.

Adults should typically consume 6g of powder per day. One serving of Spirulina is approximately equal to seven servings of a vegetables antioxidant content. Spirulina is also a very inexpensive way to supplement certain dietary deficiencies since it contains over 100 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids. Generally speaking, a consumer can purchase a two month supply for only about $30. Side effects are rare and mild. Therefore, as with any supplement, consult your doctor before consuming Spirulina. Earthrise, with twenty-five years in the industry, performs over forty quality and safety tests to ensure a premium product.


Kismet Kreations All-Natural Spirulina Powder

Spirulina Powder 16 OuncesSpirulina powder is a supplement which is made from spirulina cyanobacteria. This healthy food supplement is known to have been used in Chad about a thousand years ago where spirulina cakes were eaten as supplements. Currently, spirulina cakes are still sold in Chad and some of the locals use them to prepare a certain kind of broth.

Spirulina has gained popularity due to its many health benefits. About 60% of the supplement comprises proteins. It also contains a lot of vitamins, for example, thiamine, folic acid, riboflavin and vitamins C, D and E. The spirulina powder also contains minerals like calcium, copper and iron. Most people who lack enough potassium may find the supplement very advantageous due to its large amounts of the mineral.

It has been projected by some that the spirulina supplement may just be the next big thing in the fight to reduce malnutrition on a global scale. This is because the supplement is less costly than most food supplements in the market and it comes with many nutritious benefits. The major reason why people buy the spirulina powder is because it has been known to reduce allergic reactions. Some users also swear by its weight loss properties when taken with other weight loss supplements.


Product Review For The Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

This is a natural super greenfood which contains betacarotene, protein and essential minerals and vitamins. Though doctors recommended that we should consume at least 9 servings of fruits every day, this rarely happens for most people. That is precisely the reason why you should take this product on a daily basis. 3 grams of Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina has more nutrients and fibers than 5 servings of vegetables and fruits.

New From: $24.79 USD in Stock


Product Review For The Starwest Botanicals Organic Spirulina Powder

This organic rich superfood is 100% natural and pure. It is rich in beta-carotene, chlorophyll and vitamin B-12. It is also a great source of vegetable protein, thus ideal for vegetarians. It provides optimum levels of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

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Product Review For The Earth Circle Organics Spirulina Powder

Earth Circle Organics Spirulina Powder provides the best wholesome and raw foods which are essential for vibrant living. It is a concentrated source of functional nutrients. Earth Circle Organics Spirulina Powder can also be added to juice or water for purposes of adding a nutritious punch.

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spirulina for acne

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